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Research and Community Programs


All Wayo professors belong to a faculty for research. They participate in many projects from a multidisciplinary viewpoint to advance education and university studies as well as to make contributions to society through professional research. Wayo provides research incentive financial support for both individual and joint research. Some of our professors receive outside research funds, too.

Research and Actives

Faculty of Humanities

English literature, English Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Sociology, Theory of economic development, Political Science, Politics, Middle East Politics, Economic statistics, Japanese Studies, Library and Information Science, Japanese Literature, Japanese language education, oil painting, Calligraphy, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Technology, Experimental Psychology, Education on school subjects and activities, Education, Social welfare and social work studies.

Faculty of Global Studies

Global Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication, Foreign Language Education, English Linguistics, English Literature, English Education, Culture of English-Speaking Countries, Gender and Cultural Studies, Literature and Women, Language and Society, International Relations, Tourism Studies, Comparative Studies in Society and Culture, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Marketing, Culture and Society in Asia, Culture and Society in Europe, Culture and Society in the United States.

Faculty of Human Ecology

Home Economics, General Life Science, Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Clothing Life, Nutrition Education, Public Health and Nutrition, Food Safety, Exercise Nutrition, Environmental Physiology, Food Science, Eating habits, Pathological Medial Chemistry, Public Hygiene Studies, Social Welfare Studies, Child and Family welfare, General Life Science, Special needs education.

Faculaty of Nursing

Anatomical physiology, fundamental nursing, nursing adults, geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, maternal nursing, psychiatric nursing, home health nursing, public health nursing, nursing in a disaster, nursing ethics, health promotion, nursing for infections, international nursing, nursing education, nurse management (nurse administration), industrial nursing and nursing for cancer.

Modern Education Needs Action Support Program (Good Practice)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) solicits ideas for Good Practice (GP) Program projects that have a threefold aim. Projects must stimulate group research, be applied to enhance modern education, and be applied in the community. In 2006, the theme of the program was making contributions to local revitalization and education. Wayo's project was one of 27 out of 123 nationwide submissions to be selected to receive MEXT GP funding. In the Wayo project, professors in the Faculty of Life Science are using their group research to educate their students. Then teams of professors and students develop community activities. Wayo's GP project contributes to community approaches to an aging population and to allow greater independence of physially-challenged people. The aim of Wayo's project is to reduce the lifestyle-related disease risk factors among citizens and to foster independence for physically-challenged individuals through growing and processing tomatoes.

International Workshops and Symposia

Wayo hosts international symposia with guest speakers from our partner universities. In May 2008, professors from four partner universities gathered to share their research about the theme "Children's Nutrition Problems and National Nutrition Policy: Children's Health and Women's Independence." Over 300 students, professors and researchers attended this symposia. Every year Wayo hosts a symposia to expand global awareness and knowledge of international social situations. Simultaneous interpretation is provided for these events.

Community Extension Courses

To open the university to citizens and support community development, Wayo offers free extension classes to citizens. We cooperate with various organizations and with city government to conduct lectures on Wayo's campus and at other community locations. Citizens greatly enjoy these lectures and experimental classes.