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Campus life

Wayo Women's University is located close to Tokyo. After class, students can enjoy going around Central Tokyo or other popular spots near campus. There are lots of shopping malls, nice restaurants and cafes, museums, libraries, movie theaters and so on. Being the largest city in the world, Tokyo, offers excellent live concerts and performing arts events. Some favorite places to visit include Yokohama's China Town, Sumo in Ryogoku, Tokyo Disney Resort, Sensohji's historic temple and traditional goods, Electric Town in Akihabara, and trendy Harajuku. Depending on the season, you can enjoy cherry blossom picnics in April, fireworks in July and August, autumn leaf viewing in the fall, and traditional Japanese New Year's customs like visiting a shrine or ringing a temple bell.

Students can easily get to something exciting off campus, though many students enjoy activities on campus, too. Some enjoy reading or watching movies by surround system in the comfortable Academic Resource Center, playing table tennis in the recreation room, or training in the gymnasium.

Clubs and Circles

Many students also enjoy club activities. Wayo has 46 circles and clubs from Japanese traditional circles and cultural circles to athletic clubs. Some of the clubs practice very hard every day to win competitions or to get prizes. Others meet once a week and enjoy spending time together. It's a good chance to make new friends and talk with students in different grades and majors.

Tea Ceremony(Omote-senke Style), Calligraphy, Ikebana(FlowerArrangement), Broadcasting, Tennis, Ballroom Dance, Sign Language, Volunteering, English Speaking Society, Fair Trade, Manga, Youth Hostel, Footsal, Hip Hop, Ski, Chorus, Photography, and many more.

Campus Events & Academic Calendar

Not only students who belong to clubs, but also other students enjoy campus life. The Student Union plans many events each season. Some of the events are traditional Japanese and some are international events.


Entrance Ceremony
Freshman Welcome Party
Our academic year starts in April, the same time as cherry blossom season. Senior members of the Student Union welcome new students and explain about campus life. Many clubs introduce their activities and also perform.

Spring Semester starts


Open Campus


Tanabata Festival
Tanabata is traditionally celebrated on July 7. Students write their wishes on tanzaku (paper strips) and make origami ornaments to hang on bamboo branches. A mini concert is also held by one of the Wayo clubs.

Spring Semester examination


Summer holiday
Open Campus
Study abroad Programs
Special Calligraphy extension class
Makeup examination


Fall Semester starts
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Halloween Activity
Students decorate the entrance square at the end of October. Student Union staff dress up for Halloween and give candy to students who say "Trick or Treat".


School Culture Festival
The most exciting event on our campus is the School Culture Festival. Festivities include fashion shows, a professional rock concert, ESS speech contest, performances, tea ceremony, building illumination, and lots of demonstrations and food made by clubs or volunteer teams plus Home Coming Day for alumnae. Wayo welcomes the public to our campus.


Entrance examination I for International student
Campus illumination and Winter Holiday Party
Students and faculty enjoy the twinkling illumination in the entrance square in early December. Near the end of December, everyone gathers for a festive holiday party complete with live music, fashion show, games, food, and gifts.


Fall semester examination
Entrance examination Ⅱ for International student


Traditional Doll Festival
The traditional Doll Festival commemorates Girl's Day on March 3. Families who have girls display elaborate dolls of the emperor and empress to wish for the growth and happiness of young women. Wayo exhibits an elegant doll display for our students. International students wear Kimonos and eat traditional dishes to celebrate this traditional Japanese holiday.

Makeup examination
Graduation Ceremony
Student activity special prize Commendation Ceremony
Departmental graduation parties
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