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Faculty of Nursing

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Department of NursingThis department produces nurses who are not only knowledgeable and skilled, but also have well-rounded personalities and a broad base of general knowledge. They are nurses of the 'highest quality' who have a rich sense of human nature and are skilled communicators.
We specialize in providing top-class tuition in a wide range of fields; including nursing and hospitality, understanding health and health disorders, health related assistance and social welfare, fundamental fields of nursing, developing fields of nursing, wide-range nursing, and integrated fields of nursing.
In order to develop the skills needed to solve regional healthcare issues, we also have subjects in which our students can solve problems and learn at the same time by learning about healthcare, medical treatment and social services in Ichikawa City, where our campus is located.
There are a wide range of opportunities for both self-study and group discussions, including lectures, seminars and practical training.
We make sure every student that graduates from this university has the education, knowledge and human nature needed to meet the needs of society through a prominent level of medical treatment, as well as a high level of specialized knowledge across a wide range of fields.
Degree: Nursing