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Department of Japanese Literature and Culture

Major in Japanese Literature

Major in Japanese LiteratureStudents in the Japanese Literature major gain a deep understanding of Japanese literary expression and historical background that prepares them to write persuasively and with richly diverse sensitivity. By reading influential Japanese works and studying literary criticism of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary Japanese literature, students develop the ability to write appropriate and sophisticated Japanese.
Degree : BA in Literature

Major in Calligraphy

Major in CalligraphyStudents learn the history, critique and skill of Japanese calligraphy by taking theoretical subjects as well as practical subjects which enhance their self-expression skills. Students can gain a deep understanding of the historical background of calligraphy and become members of society who can express themselves with vivid imagination and unique creativity.
Degree : BA in Literature

Major in Culture and Art

Major in Culture and ArtStudents in this major study the theory, production and appreciation of culture and art forms from ancient to modern times through art, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, archeology, and museology. Students gain analytical insight into intellectual and philosophical issues and develop their skills in producing various forms of artistic works.
Degree : BA in Literature

Department of Psychology

Department of PsychologyThe psychology major provides students with various technical skills for psychological research which include measuring mental phenomena, statistical data analysis, as well as the basic techniques in psychological testing and counseling. Students can also learn the fundamentals of psychological concepts and theories of human development, psychological care, educational aid, mechanisms of learning, communication skills, social interaction, criminal minds, and so on. In this major, students will come to recognize themselves as psychology generalists.
Degree : BA in Psychology

Department of Child Development and Education

Department of Child Development and EducationIn this major, students become pedagogical specialists in infant and children’s education. Students study the theory and practice of children’s development and education. Students experience five practical teaching placements throughout the program. Moreover, students study methods for supporting children’s education and they gain innovative knowledge and skills to aid parents in raising healthy children. students acquire the advanced skills required of modern teachers and a certification to become kindergarten and day care teachers.
Degree : Bachelor of Education