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Faculty of Human Ecology

Department of Fashion and Art

Department of Fashion and ArtWith the motto“Create Something Special,”students produce clothing, accessories, and art that are unique and useful by tackling design and production from a cultural and scientific perspective. Both traditional Japanese and western apparel making and fabric dying techniques are taught as well as the science of materials and functional design methods. Students learn the theory of color and design and the science of fabric testing and care. One of the main events each year is the graduation project fashion show that the students conduct. Upon completion of this major, students are well qualified to enter many facets of the fashion business and society in general.
Degree : BS in Human Ecology

Department of Health and Nutrition

Department of Health and NutritionThis major thoroughly prepares students who desire to become experts in various fields of food and health, such as registered dietitians, nutrition education teachers, food sanitation inspectors, or supplement advisors. The rigorous program of study focuses on health and nutrition theory, practical application, and experimentation. Students in this department share a special bond with faculty who are experienced health and nutrition professionals as well as professors.
Degree : BS in Human Ecology

Department of Home Economics and Social Welfare

Department of Home Economics and Social WelfareWe aim for the creation of a barrier-free society and people’s well-being through an interdisciplinary scientific perspective in the Department of Home Economics and Social Welfare. Students learn about life and family as a basic component of the curriculum and clothing, food and housing as basic rights for all human beings. Furthermore, they acquire advanced knowledge and skills related to social welfare, home economics education and subjects related to other qualifications. In the 21st Century it is important to create a barrier-free system in society and provide support for all people including those with difficulties such as the aged, the disabled, the vulnerable and children.Students who graduate from this department will possess specialized knowledge for success in a new welfare society.
Degree : BS in Human Ecology