Faculty of Global Studies

Faculty of Global Studies

Department of English Communication

Major in English Culture and CommunicationOur courses provide students with English skills and the intellectual foundation to be a good English communicator in today’s globalized society. Our balanced curriculum of classes covers English language skills and English communication skills, as well as specialized courses in culture, literature, education, and translation. To cultivate a good command of English, we have tutorial English classes that consist of a small number of students with one native instructor, and oral presentation, discussion, writing and translation classes. A range of culture and literature courses broaden the students’ awareness of worldviews. Students are also offered classes to prepare for TOEIC examinations and study abroad programs. Students of English Communication will acquire a cross-cultural perspective and critical thinking ability for their future paths in global business and the international community.
Degree: BA in English Communication 

Department of Global Studies

Major in International Social StudiesOur department provide students with international culture and international communicative skills. Students study knowledge and technique about international exchange and tourism in order to be active not only in aviation, travel, tourism industry, but also in the wide field of international business. Therefore We develop power to perform an experience, analysis, plan, presentation by PBL (Project Based Learning) classes. PBL are the practice type classes to cooperate with companies and local governments, and to work on about problems that companies or regions have. In addition, by the class of the native speaker teacher, we develop power of the cross-cultural communication.
Degree : BA Arts in Global Studies