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Academic Structure

In 2007, the university celebrated its 110th anniversary, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in Wayo's long history. Wayo introduced a progressive new academic structure. Students are supported by research-based faculties and educational divisions including schools, departments, majors, and specializations which will facilitate excellence in education and research. This structure provides students with a rich diversity of fields to study. Initially, two new majors were opened with additional fields and concentrations to be added. A defining feature at Wayo is flexibility. Students choose a major field to study in-depth and have the option to earn a minor, specialization, or professional certification in various other fields. Students may also design their own curriculum in some departments for a personalized course of study. A second important feature of the new organization is the emphasis on writing skills. Regardless of their major, all freshmen attend a two-semester basic seminar where they learn the necessary style of writing required in their particular field of study. Students may create portfolios for their future careers. There is also an e-learning system where any student can brush up on English.
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The spring semester begins in April and finishes in late July. The fall semester begins in late September and finishes in early February.

Student Support System

Wayo is a small, private university with enrollment of about 2,500 students. We have over 200 fulltime faculty and staff, plus many part-time specialists. One benefit of our small size is that students can get friendly, personalized support, not only for classes, but for university life and future careers. In addition to faculty advisors, there is a campus concierge room. Students can consult about various academic and life issues including our unique health support project that helps students to develop healthy nutrition and fitness habits before graduation.