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Global Outbound Programs

International Study and Activities

Global ProgramsThe Office of International Programs (OIP) was established in 2008 to expand Wayo's international activities. Wayo organizes in-bound full-time and short-term exchange programs for international students and study abroad opportunities for students every year. Some programs are open to students from any department such as the language study abroad in summer. Others are designed for individual departments only such as the calligraphy practicum for calligraphy course students. Also individual professors organize Global field work as extensions of classroom studies. OIP committee works in concert with OIP to host international symposia and workshops. Wayo continues to support and encourage professors to conduct research and participate in international conferences.

Individual Programs (6 months or 1 year)

Students can individually choose a university to study at that matches their academic interests or study abroad at an established Wayo partner university. The credits that students earn in their studies abroad are accepted by Wayo after students return.

Study Abroad Programs

Wayo sponsors six cultural and language intensive programs during long holidays that are open to students from any department. These programs are held in China, Korea, United States(US), England, Australia and New Zealand. China program is specially designed sheltered programs for Wayo students only. Additionally, some departments host study abroad programs that focus on their specific disciplines. For example, Japanese Calligraphy students may attend a program in China to learn the history of China and calligraphy and to deepen their understanding of the country by visiting museums and cultural sites. Health and Nutrition students can participate in the study abroad program in Canada to learnrn about food and nutrition. While there, they will visit foodservices, an Extendicare retirement home, a Hospital, a school and a sports center. Global Social Studies has a unique program that is called Global Field Work. Students choose a country that interests them, then research and discuss it with a faculty advisor in preparation for their individual field work.

Summer Programs

Some of Wayo's partner universities have summer courses like the "Korean Language and Culture" program and "American Plus" English language program. We support our students to attend these as well as Wayo-sponsored study abroad programs.

Global Partners

International education and research collaboration is a high priority at Wayo. For that reason, our university has established Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with leading universities across the globe. These MOAs make offer many oppotunities for exchange students and collaborative research. Wayo currently has relationships with the following and is seeking to establish new relationships.

  • Bond University, Australia
  • Brescia University College, Canada
  • Institut Francais de la Mode, France
  • Massey University, Newzealand
  • Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia
  • Oxford Brookes University, England
  • Portland State University, USA
  • Seoul National University, Korea
  • Seoul National University of Education,Korea
  • Soochow University, China  
  • University of Sussex, England
  • University of Seoul, Korea