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Graduate Programs

Based on the foundation of their undergraduate studies, many students pursue a more specialized or professional level Master's Degree and later, a Ph.D. Wayo's Graduate School programs provide advanced knowledge, teaching and research technologies, and other types of specialized experience to respond to students' demands. Senior professors guide and encourage graduate students in their classes and individual research. Since Wayo's graduate programs admit approximately ten candidates in each division every academic year, students benefit greatly from the one-on-one contact with their professors. Although Wayo is a women's university, graduate studies are open to male students.

Division of Humanities

English Language and Literature Department

Master's Programs

Graduate students strive to deepen their understanding and critical analysis not only of English literature, but also of advanced research methods. Great emphasis is placed on expanding students' working knowledge of the language and understanding of diverse cultures in Englishspeaking countries. Areas of research focus on topics relating to the 21st century and compare them with previous eras in history. Since the English language is commonly used in the present day global community, developing high levels of expression and cultural awareness when translating literary works is emphasized.
Degree:Master of Arts in Literature

Japanese Literature Department

Master's Programs

Interest in Japanese literature has increased dramatically in Japan and in other countries. Studies in the Japanese literature Master's program is primarily designed to help students develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the literature that is rooted in Japanese culture and language. To achieve this goal, the curriculum connects understanding of literature to knowledge of the language, arts, and history that underpin it. Through this approach, students challenge to expand their fields of research as well as to open new areas of research. All the faculty members collaborate to guide students in exploring their own research themes and in developing the ability to express their interpretations and research results in refined Japanese.
Degree:Master of Arts in Literature

    Division of Human Ecology

    Human Ecology Department

    Master's Programs

    The Division of Human Ecology graduate programs focus on life problems being faced in current society. From three fields, nutrition and food, life and welfare, and apparel science, students explore fundamental research themes through practical experiments, fieldwork and cooperative activities with the community. The Division of Human Ecology fosters necessary academic research abilities, in-depth knowledge of the subject area, and skills for practical application as a researcher or professional worker. The high level clinical training that Wayo's graduate students who aspire to become registered dietitians receive prepares them to offer patients excellent professional care in hospitals alongside doctors and nurses.
    Degree:Master of Arts in Human Ecology

    Doctoral Programs

    Students in the doctoral studies program analyze overall phenomena of modern life from either the field of nutrition and food, life and welfare, or apparel science. Under the close guidance of professors who have academic and practicing experience, they develop creative hypotheses that are substantiated or refuted by their research. To achieve true "Sustainable and Healthy Living," it is essential to prepare highlevel professional workers to assume managament positions in not only educational research but also administrative, corporate, and NPO leadership.
    Degree:Ph.D in Human Ecology/Ph.D in Arts and Sciences