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Message from President

Message from President Kouji Kishida

Stepping out into a new world with the pride of Wayo in their hearts

Founded in 1897, Wayo Women’s University has a history of 115 years. From the start, we have upheld the philosophy of “Japanese Spirit with Western Techniques” in which we highly regard the adoption of advanced Western ideas while maintaining our rich traditions and cultural values. Since the Meiji era, Wayo has contributed to the growth of society by sending forth a great number of graduates who possess advanced skills and high moral standards.

In the 21st century we have seen the onset of a dramatic change in the structure of society. This has created the necessity for people to live in the midst of diverse values, and within this coexistence, discover new values. As a result, there has been a great change in what skills society demands. Interaction with others along with deepening levels of support has become ever more vital. Individuals must act autonomously by thinking and deciding for themselves, while at the same time, dealing with others. At Wayo, we must renew our educational philosophy to grasp these changes in the social structure and nurture women who can actively participate in the world with sincerity and skills to support others.

Based on this ideal, we strive to focus on instilling “5 capabilities” in students during their four years of university; namely,

 ・the ability to know oneself with self-respect;
 ・basic scholastic and written communication skills;
 ・the ability of self-expression with empathy;
 ・problem-solving skills; and
 ・specialized skills to benefit society .

These 5 capabilities can be exemplified in all areas of life, whether corporate, community, or at home. In other words, their four years at university must cultivate “skills for living.”

In the classroom, for instance, interactive lectures make it possible for students to practice problem-solving techniques and develop self-expression with guidance from professors. Studying liberal arts provides opportunities for them to learn about the world while finding their own place in it. Courses in major subjects equip them with excellent practical skills and knowledge to benefit society.

By refining the 5 capabilities, Wayo Women’s University aims to educate women who can take action to support others with sincerity and excellence. It is our goal to see graduates who exemplify the essence of Japanese Spirit with Western Techniques serving at the core of our diverse society.

Kouji Kishida
President of Wayo Women’s University