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With convenient access to Tokyo city center and two airports, Wayo is surrounded by lovely views.

Our campus is located in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, 20km from central Tokyo. Ichikawa offers easy access to downtown Tokyo (20 minutes by train), Narita International Airport (40 minutes by train) and to Haneda Airport (60 minutes by train). The city's transportation system includes two train lines as well as numerous bus lines.

Our Konodai campus, which overlooks the Edo River, was selected one of the 100 best landscapes of Ichikawa in May 2006. Many student and citizen groups visit our campus to see the Wayo museum and the panoramic view from the 18th floor of the East Tower. From this dining lounge, you can see snow-capped Mt.Fuji, the meandering Edo River, the Tokyo skyline, Satomi Park, and a breathtaking night view. Especially in the beginning of April, we enjoy an explosion of delicate cherry blossoms around our campus. Our neighborhood is an academic area and also a historical and literary place. There are many educational institutes, plus a municipal sports center, temples, museums, and the site of a former castle.

Combining convenience and natural beauty, Wayo is an outstanding place to study.