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musiumThe Wayo Women's University Museum started in April 1978 as a small exhibition room for ancient relics excavated from the University grounds. The next year, the University opened a curator training course. In order to support the course, and also to display more excavated relics and other University-owned precious materials, a small museum opened in April 1992.
In June 2001, the museum moved to the 17th floor of the East Tower, expanding the facilities. Three distinct sections were now established: the History of Wayo Gakuen, Permanent and Special Exhibitions.
Wayo Gakuen has a history of more than one hundred years, during which it accumulated a fine collection of clothes, folk crafts, Japanese calligraphy and other arts. The Museum, making use of various media, always tries to display its materials as widely as possible.
The Wayo Women's University Museum maintains threefold aims: to help the students' study, to bridge between the academic world and the general public, and to be a leading example in the innovation of museums.

Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm
Sat 10am-noon
Closed Sundays, holidays, vacation periods and maintenance days
Admission Free
Please feel free to ask for help and advice at the Museum Office, call or fax 047-371-2494.